18 November 2016

    Beyond the Mundane

    Of site design revamps, breaking out of my hermit shell of isolation and flying to London and actually doing things with my life. Tune in for more content.

    Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Beyond the Mundane

    You may have noticed yet another revamp of this site’s design. Add hobbyist html coder to my list of non-professional interests I can’t actually mould a career out of. I’ve been working on this design sporadically throughout the second semester, the final exams for which I completed about a week ago now, thank god. While I could speak in geeky terms about the changes I’ve made (that sticky sidebar, though?) the main purpose of this post is to inform you that I will be flying to London tomorrow afternoon, meaning there will be a lot more travel-oriented content rather than my usual mundane object placement on white beds (as pictured). Miraculous, I know. So please tune in for more content. But for now, let me mentally prepare myself for the worst jet lag I will experience.

    OLDER Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Marks and Spencer Shopstyle NEWER Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Tate Modern London



    The photos look so great! Whilst in London you should check out our store full of street style that won’t cost a bomb. Check out our blog for more info or just for general style tips!

    Incredible photos

    you’re like, super multi-talented. you know that? the new design looking good so far. have fun and can’t wait to see your travel journal soon xx

    Very Excited for photos, & safe flight Jeffery. 🙂